Web Tables Listing

1.   The Scale of World War II, 1931-1945

2.   World War II Deaths, 1931-1945

       Asian-Pacific Death Share, 1931-1945

3.   Allied Deaths in Asia and the Pacific by State

4.   Allied Deaths by Cause

5.   Allied Deaths by Cause (Another Display)

      Allied Deaths by Cause - Summary

6.   Allied World War II Global Deaths, 1931-1945 - Summary

       World War I Deaths, 1914-1918

       Allied POW Deaths Under the Japanese

7.   Allied Severely Affected Casualties (Surviving)

       Death Estimate Range

8.   Chinese Famine Victims of Japan's Invasion

       Chinese Civil War & Mismanagement Deaths,

       Japanese Opium Addiction from Japanese Sales

9.    Forced Civilian Laborers & Deaths

       Population Under Japanese Occupation

10.   Rape Victims (Rough approximation)

        Torture Victims (Rough approximation)

        Child Victims

11.   Japanese Casualties

12.   War Deaths per Year and Week

13.   War Deaths per Year Footnotes

14.   Japanese and Allied Death Ratios

15.   Japanese Deaths in the Pacific Ratios

        Other Ratios

16.   Manchuria/Jehol & Shanghai Battles, 1931-6

        Yangtze Delta Battles & Nanking,
        Aug. 1937 - Jan. 1938

        Hankow/Wuhan Region Battle, June - Oct 1938

17.   Changsha, Three Battles, 1939-1942

        "Kill All, Loot All, Burn All," 1937-1945

        Chinese Counter Offensive, Nov. 1939 - March 1940

        Japanese Ichigo Offensive, May - Nov. 1944

18.   Allies in Burma, 1942-1945

        Chinese Military Casualties, 1931-1945

        Major Chinese Resolute Actions & Victories
        Against Japanese

19.   Japanese Military Deaths, 1931-1945

        Japanese Army Troop Dispositions

20.   Projection of All Casualties Post Aug. 1945
        Without A-Bomb Use

21.   US Military Estimates of Casualties to
        Against Japanese

        Invade All of Japan

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